Friday, July 1, 2011

Jacqueline Fernandez in Maxim cover photoshoot

Jacqueline Fernandez in Maxim cover photoshoot: Jacqueline Fernandez is once more in the spotlight. She's on TV moving ceaselessly exotically in the promos of her upcoming picture Murder 2. Notwithstanding she is on the spread of the June issue of Maxim magazine.

In the photoshoot for the magazine, Jacqueline is perceived in a slumberous mind-set as it would be if appreciating an around teatime rest. In the meeting, she speaks about what “sexy” intends to her.

“Someone who perplexes, keeps you pondering and needing more. Brainpower, jumbled with right mentality, trust and force,” Jacqueline expressed.

When asked what in a man turns her on, Jacqueline Fernandez expressed: “A calm recondite insights and a solace and certainty that is expected and real....Be a courteous fellow and unwind. Gentlemen who attempt too hard get got out.”

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