Saturday, July 9, 2011

Exhibitors protest against Danush

Actor Dhanush, starring in four consecutive failed to reduce their salaries, theater owners, distributors porkkoti increased. 

She is now earning Rs. Uyarntuvittat 8.5 crore, and it charged that niyayamalla. 

He said one executive at News Theatre Association presidents, "starring Dhanush and groom, disciple, pitch, and four consecutive defeat puttiran under contract. These pictures were shown to be exotic to a particular channel for manufacturers, distributors and caused a loss. Dhanush and therefore must reduce wages. 

Next month (August) 10 - Presidents of the Association General Body Meeting is scheduled nteti Theater in Rameswaram. She buys a lot of actors, including the salary akkuttat're talking about. Are also forced to reduce wages. Kuraittaltan production costs so they can earn profit in the movie industry.
She made films such as failure to Rs. How much profit can be earned if paid more than 8 million. The General Committee will be in the end, "he said. 

Chennai, Chengalpattu, Kancheepuram Movie Kalaipuli cekaran dealers association president, said the actor - actresses salary kuraittaltan producers, theater presidents, all distributors will be able to achieve profitability. TV pictures of some actors By a grand advertising channels.
The large cast themselves as the actors had to raise wages. But in reality it did not do such films. As an incentive for players to be drug ottappattana ceyarkaiyakattan. If the pictures were making losses, "he said mentioning anyone's name.

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