Friday, June 17, 2011

Efforts To Reduce Stretch Mark To Combat The Signs Of Embarrassing Body

To achieve a reduction in stretch marks is a major concern for most men and women who wear these brands embarrassing on their bodies. Known as "streaks" in dermatology, stretch marks are a kind of stain on the skin characterized by a color tone. These stripes are formed mainly due to a gain or weight loss, and there is a common occurrence during pregnancy. Most young boys and girls get stretch marks during puberty, and since it's time to experience the sudden weight gain. These lines are also associated with hormonal surges too.

Although our skin is very elastic, with a built-in support the additional weight, rapid skin stretch beyond its elastic limit alters the collagen - the fibrous protein that is insoluble in the important connective tissue skin. This alteration of collagen causes scars called stretch marks. Pregnant women stretch marks on the abdomen because of the sudden during stretching of the skin.

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