Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tamil cinema going back to Historical Subjects

The time is right to be dumb movie, it evolved into the talking stage right ... Occupied entirely mythical or historical kataikale Tamil cinema.

Tamil kings, inaiyillata virati players in history, freedom fighters, Mahabharata - stories of Ramayan ponravaitan often taken as a cinema.

Biographical films are gradually coming back to the sixties at least. Eighties, the nineties were standing with feet closer historical films. Although they are two pictures that fans have kavaramaleye.

But 2000 - Biographical films to come up again later. But unlike past technology and reliability, with all these pictures were grand.

Hindi, Telugu remained in this condition. After the success of several films in Telugu makatira ready in the same style. Kingdom prepares for the grand srirama Ramayana in Telugu. Tamil Imsai 23 - The success of the film anaivaraiyume pulikeci some thought. The 2011 - The preparation of many historical or mythological films ceranta period. Rs 130 crore in the Tamil superstar Rajnikanth to act in a film devoted entirely to the historical story of Rana. Plays three roles in this film.

Played on the R's performance as the movement of the story is based on knowledge is the seventh. The film is based on a story of a Siddha Kodambakkam poker circle. That film shows the stilkalum.
Karikalan film starring Vikram has absolutely no historical context. Published in English, Troy, Gladiator historical action film, this kind of action.

Who - Dhanush linking marican, BC 12 - The story of the century. This story is almost 3200 years earlier. Cutava running carkunam surrogate, has evolved into contemporary history. Selvan Mani Ratnam's film epic story that I will be going. At the moment the future course of the film, he noted next gernation  increased confidence. Even the story is a historical evil kotiviranum iyakkivarum Bharathiraja Anna.
Selvaraghavan them, Mishkin, kamalhasan are slated to take such epic film. Director Vijay matarasappattanam which has also prepared the next historical film script.

Such a simple thing to take a historical film. We prefer to accept the challenge of the epic film in which young directors do, hold their shows on the arts. One more thing before, Bharathiraja, Bhagyaraj, believes that their experiences in a village carved out of Celluloid father. For many people, creators of the pinnaniyo, is alanta experience.

That has already prepared a grand historical tales of people trying to attract. Only 20 this year and see how the next few years - due in more than historical films. The interest on the history of this generation of professors is responsible for this condition. If the course of history would say this is an example inikkave!

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