Thursday, September 15, 2011

How To Look Perfect?

Beauty, is said that, in the eye of the beholder.It is true that most people have a completely different concept of beauty. So forget the idea that you can please everyone with its appearance. This is simply impossible. The most important thing is to see how you like in the mirror. Sometimes women go too far with the latest fashion trends and choose the styles that are simply not appropriate for them. Here is a typical example of this behavior of the girls in high heels hills are sorry, but 5 inches is too high is almost impossible to bear. If they say they are comfortable in them, do not think their feet are killing me.

If you want to avoid the ridicule simply ask yourself: Is that so? That is on the cover of Elle, does not necessarily mean it will look good on you. So rule number one is:

''If I do not like, is not for me.''

Following rule number one, come Rule number two:

''Do not forget the details.''

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