Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Will Rajinikanth share screen with Dhanush?

3 for the first film directed by her husband that the only difference with tanusai the name of the elder daughter Aishwarya Rajini Gallery.
Friday afternoon news conference to introduce the film with Aishwarya tanusum met. The heroine had to enforce the milk program.
The responses to questions asked at the meeting gave Aishwarya and tanusum:
QUESTION: Which nampikkaiyiloru களமிறங்குகிறீர்கள் director?
Aishwarya: I heard my father's story, said he wanted to produce the film himself. It is his belief that much of a script. Now preparing for my father.
QUESTION: And your wife drive you to work as a director vankukirara Aishwarya, with love vankukirara work?
Dhanush: makes repellents work. And makes it work. How can I work in the films of other directors, so this film will do the job.
QUESTION: She helped you there?
Ash: He's an actor in the studio. I am the director. Interfere in my work. I'll be at home to help. I have a lot to help children in பார்த்துக்கொள்வத்.
QUESTION: The film's story was written for Dhanush?
Nudity: There are two actors in our house. Both come to mind while writing the story. According to the story written tanusai keep in mind.
Natippara film?
QUESTION: Is this film a chance to play together in the tanusutan Super Star Rajinikanth?
Nudity: None. I have not talked to Dad about it.
QUESTION: Did you decide that the enforcement of paltan Hero? Tanusa?
Aishwarya Rai: I ('I Believe ... I never interfere in all these things', says Dhanush!).
QUESTION: Is the film difficult to operate, is easy?
Aishwarya: I am not easy to operate. Has many responsibilities to shoulder and carry on.
Celvarakavantan Guru:
QUESTION: According to your Guru, who's running?
Answer: Selvaraghavan was assistant director on two films. He taught me many things. Celvarakavantan my guru in that category.
QUESTION (to Dhanush): Sabarimala cenrirkale fast in recent ... What is prayer?
Dhanush: say prayers outside.
QUESTION: You did not direct the film. Now become your wife. Do you wish to accomplish with your wife?
Dhanush: I was already with Aishwarya directorial project. He is very happy iyakkunaranat. I have not decided anything about directorial career.
- He answered both.

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