Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tamannah plays 100% love starred with Naga Chaitanya

Tamannah Fire 100% Naga ChaitanyaMahila Sangam protest against the one of the top actress Tamannah Batiah for her flip flop, she raises her top to show that she has answers written on her hip in the 100% Love starred with Naga Chaitanya, a youthful entertainer.

An eminent member from hard-core feminist group who protest against her condemns that the actress being in a position of top heroines in cine industry but disgraced women everywhere by sending out the wrong message and she should behave herself with dignity.

Though there are far more flagrant scenes being shown on the big screen of 100% Love while audiences also seem to love this youthful entertainer but unfortunately Tamannah is the one set on to the fire. The protest group will be staging protests and asking for the offending scene to be removed from the film 100%.

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