Thursday, May 19, 2011

Health condition of actor Rajanikanth improved

It is well known that Rajnikanth was admitted to the Sri Ram Chandra Hospital here for recurrent respiratory infection and gastro-intestinal problems, is stable and he is spending time with his family members.

According to a statement issued by the hospital, Rajnikanth has undergone relevant investigations and is receiving appropriate and comprehensive treatment by a team of doctors. His fundamental parameters are stable and there is nothing to worry about his health.

The 61 year old superstar was admitted May 13 for detailed investigations into his respiratory and gastro-intestinal problems – the third time in just over three weeks he has been admitted to a hospital.

This is something a strange and unusual situation which happened for Rajini’s Rana. Earlier many insurance companies were eager to provide cover for superstar Rajinikanth’s films but the situation has changed as the companies are on the back foot due to the adverse reports about the Rajini’s ill health.

New India Assurance and United India Insurance who covered the insurance risk for blockbuster hit Enthiran are now not interested to extend insurance coverage for Rana, according to a report by the online edition of a Hyderabad based financial newspaper.

A New India Assurance official said “By take into account of Rajini’s health, it is going to be a chancy proposal for us to provide insurance cover for the movie. We will not consider it any more”.

A senior officer of United India Insurance said “Insurance is given only against the incidence of uncertain events. No company will be undertaking this proposal as the lead star of the film itself is not good at health. Even if any company insures the film the coverage would keep out losses arising as a re­sult of Rajini’s health problems”.

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