Friday, April 29, 2011

Prince William and Kate Middleton Royal Wedding

Prince William & Kate balcony kisses

If you are turned away from the screen for a while, you probably missed. It was a quick kiss. Kate turned to her husband, said something with a smile, and the prince reached out his hand and not in a hurry, and gave him a quick kiss. Maybe that’s why he kissed her again. Second kiss came just before the Pont Royal Air Force. Another first at the historic day: two kisses on the balcony of Buckingham Palace a couple married the royal family.

All eyes were on Prince William and Kate as they emerged from the palace to the balcony. Many of the noisy crowd collected, and those watching around the world, of course, defining the image in their minds: Princess Diana and Prince Charles wedding a memorable kiss.

It was not traditional for the royal couple kissing in public after the wedding until the summer of 1981. And Prince Charles would have resisted the tradition of violation, when the crowds outside Buckingham Palace in July of that historic morning, called to kiss.

“I’m not going to do with capers. They want to kiss,” he told Diana.

Answer Diana said: “Why not,” Well, how about that, “The Prince hesitated, then said:
Kiss: Charles, Prince of Wales and Princess Diana kissing on the balcony of Buckingham Palace after their wedding July 29, 1981 in London, England.

Unfortunately, the marriage did not respond to sweets, that first kiss to the audience. And because of that, there is a life of hope, wrapped in a royal hug today. The world wants to be much better for this young couple. They came to marry older, wiser and, apparently, the truth in love.

The large balcony was a scene of royal performances vaulted to 1851, when Queen Victoria came to him during the celebration of the Great Exhibition in Hyde Park in London. The Great Exhibition was the first in a series of screens of the World Exhibition of culture and industry, and in the presence of people like Charles Darwin and Charlotte Bronte.

Princess Anne was the first child of young married Queen Elizabeth appeared on the balcony with her new husband, Captain Mark Phillips in 1973. But they did not kiss.

Do not Prince Edward and Sophie Wessex on their 1999 days of marriage when Prince Andrew to follow the lead of his older brother when he kissed the Duchess of York on the balcony of her wedding day in 1986.

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